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Tanzania Culture is wonderful!

Tanzanian Culture is a wonderful combination of influences from over 120 tribes. Visiting one of the most culturally diverse countries on Tanzania Safari Tours helps you meet various culturally diverse groups such as the tall and graceful Maasai warriors, the artistic talents of the Makonde the Chaga farmers and traders, the ancient ways of the Hadza Bushmen, and the resourceful agricultural practices of the Wameru.

What is essential for travelers is to understand their cultural styles, traditions, and more before you start planning your visit to this amazing country.


There are some basic disciplinary upbringing standards such as keeping control of one's temper and emotions in public and more that have been taught to the Tanzanian kids since childhood. Public display of affection is not liked so much and there are some very conservative rules regarding women’s clothing, speaking, and other styles. There are numerous Tanzania Culture Facts that every traveler visiting the country must be aware of.

Here are some Tanzanian Culture Tips that you should follow while on your Tanzania Safari Tours:

The Right Hand First

For eating, picking up food, and greeting people, Tanzanians prefer to use their right hand. They consider it cleaner compared to the left hand which is used solely for ablutions and bathroom activities. It’s a gesture of good manners among the people.

Say No To PDAs

The more romantic Public Display of Affection such as cuddles and kisses is deeply frowned upon. You are completely free to do so in your private rooms. The Islamic culture of Tanzania has people who believe that affection of any kind between a man and woman is strictly left to the privacy of a bedroom.

Don’t Breathe In That Aroma

In the western culture taking in the aroma of a meal before tucking in is part of the enjoyment but in Tanzania sniffing food is viewed with suspicion and as a sign of distaste. It is believed in their culture that food is only smelled when there is something wrong with it, or it is thought to be rotten. Apart from this sniffing is also considered to be highly insulting to the cook.

Tanzanians Are Always In A Great Mood

Tanzanians are polite, considerate, and friendly, this is a result of their strong upbringing that helps them develop strong family ties, respect for elders, and the ability to control one’s anger in public is highly valued.

Ask Before You Take Snapshots

You will find some enthusiastic Tanzanians who are extremely happy when visitors take their snaps, as they show off their traditional dress and lifestyle. But it is considered a subject of privacy and it is respectful to ask people before you start clicking those snaps.

Never Knock The Aged

It is believed among many cultural groups in Tanzania that elders possess greater knowledge and questioning their opinions or not showing courtesy in their presence is one of the highest cultural offenses and must be avoided.

‘Hakuna Matata’ - You Have Heard It But Don’t Know The Meaning?

What Disney’s Lion King popularised was the famous Song of ‘Hakuna Matata’, pronounced [hɑˈkunɑ mɑˈtɑtɑ] is a Swahili language phrase from East Africa, meaning "there is no trouble" or "There are no worries". This is a Tanzanian Catchphrase and it is very essential to understand that Tanzanian people do not rush and travelers from the western part of the world have to understand that.

Learn The Art Of Storytelling From Tanzanians

Although Tanzania’s ethnic groups have very little written history, most of the stories of their ancestral heritage and glory have trickled down to generations through verbal artful storytelling, and this process has become an essential part of their culture. On your Tanzania Safari Tours, you can learn some of these stories and anecdotes that enhance your trip experience.

Rite Of Passage

There are numerous rites and laws through which many Tanzanian youths have to pass before becoming adults. These laws are so strict that boys who have not undergone circumcision are rarely considered to be men. A similar situation prevails for women where girls who have not passed through female rites of passage are often considered to be worthless.


Some of the inland food dishes that impact Tanzanian Food Culture are mentioned below:

  • Nyama Choma(grilled meat),
  • Nyama pori(wild/ bushmeat that is either sun-dried,
  • grilled or cooked),
  • Kiti Moto(grill pork),
  • Mishikaki(skewed meat),
  • Samaki(fish),
  • Ndizi( Plantains/ bananas),
  • Bamia(Okra),
  • Mchicha( greens/ spinach),
  • Njegere(peas),
  • Maharage(Beans),
  • Wali(rice),
  • Ugali,
  • Chapati(a bread),
  • Kuku choma (grilled chicken),
  • Kisamvu(cassava leaves),

kisusio(soup from boiled animal bones and meat or blood) and many dishes were prepared the Tanzanian way.

Tanzania's Culture influences its food invariably. With a mix of Islamic and European touch, you will find a distinct flavor in whatever you taste in Tanzania.


There are many more aspects of Tanzania Culture And Traditions that you will learn in your Cultural Tourism In Tanzania. Choose from our delightful Tanzania Safari Packages that serve some of the Best Safari In Tanzania hosting thousands of travelers of Budget Safari Tanzania or Luxury Safari Tanzania all year round.